cybersecurity solution for parents, businesses and governmental entities.

About Us

WHEN Group is a holding company. A holding company is a business entity—usually a corporation or limited liability company. Typically, a holding company doesn’t manufacture anything, sell any products or services, or conduct any other business operations. Rather, holding companies hold the controlling stock in other companies. WHEN GROUP comprised of SG 77, Inc./RNA Ltd, which develops and significantly improves existing cybersecurity solutions in the B2C and B2B marketplace.

WHEN Group develops new systems by applying pattern recognition technology based on IOT / mobile / servers and computer activity, analyzing human and device behavior, relationships and BPM (Business Process Management) in order to automatically identify and prevent potential danger to individuals and companies.

The B2C Cybersecurity division targets families concerned with external cyber threats and exposures in addition to monitoring a child’s behavioral patterns that may alert parents to potential tragedies caused by cyberbullying, pedophiles, other predators, and depression.

The B2B Cybersecurity system software development and implementation company is focused on innovative solutions for the constantly evolving cyber challenges of businesses, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and governmental entities.

By deploying a highly experienced development team, RNA Ltd. anticipates both internal and external cyber threats, by identifying behavioral patterns that flag potential cyber compromises.

Management Team of When Group

WHEN Group is led by a management team and advisory board of cybersecurity experts that includes the former directors of Israel’s Mossad and Germany’s BND.

The Company’s zero tolerance – zero trust technology platform provides constant threat protection, profiling across all devices while processing voice, image, text, and relationship data in real-time.

The easy-to-use A.I. and machine learning driven platform is holistic solution the integrates with any system and is fully customizable based on customer needs. Solution address fast-growing, multi-billion-dollar market supported by long-term secular tailwinds.

WHEN Group’s business model is diversified across geographies, customer segments, and industry verticals and generates revenue from upfront installation and implementation fees with high-margin recurring revenue from ongoing subscription fees.


Gaya Rozensweig

Gaya Rozensweig holds a Degree in Business Management & Information Systems from the College of Management in Jerusalem and is a co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of RNA Technology Ltd. Gaya has headed the sales and marketing of a startup with a 27-person sales team marketing to government agencies, financial institutions and insurance companies.


George Baumoehl

George Baumoehl holds a MSc. Degree in Architecture and Construction Economics from University College London. George has a background in a real estate investment and development and brings a professional outside look into the equation of creating value for our company.


Tom Tromer

Mr. Tom Tromer hold a Master Degree in Political Science from Aarhus University in Denmark and MBA in Economics from Warsaw University of Life Science (Poland). He is a C-level Executive manager with extensive experience in building and implementing strategies among others, IT, logistics, commercial RE, e-commerce and consulting in European companies. He communicates very well in English, German, Danish and Polish. He actively supports all processes, including sales and service, fully understanding the rules of proper and smooth operation of business. He manages large projects and displays a highly developed managerial competence – He is a proven leader, mentor and coach, who perfectly understands the mentality of Northern European nations.


Olga Krylov

A highly resourceful, focused, innovative, and competent PHP developer with extensive experience in the layout, design and coding of websites specifically in PHP format. Possessing considerable knowledge of the development of web applications and scripts using PHP programming language and MySQL & SQL Server databases with ambition to complete projects to the highest standard.


Tommy Alexandra Rozensweig

Tommy – 20 year old academic, currently completing her undergraduate degree in brain sciences (psychology and biology) at Tel Aviv University’s Sagol School. Tommy leads the company’s leading edge research of suicides, collaborating with the Sagol School. This groundbreaking research combines technology with brain and behavioral sciences, and is supported by medical studies and analyses and by a innovative warning system that tracks partners of suicide victims and, together with additional information, creates a platform that can, in practice, warn of a potential suicide.


Toni Maranda

With a B.A. in Business Administration and Communications, Toni has many years of experience in sales and marketing and is also proficient in conducting mergers and acquisitions negotiations. Toni’s keen ability to identify and then realize potential quickly gained her the top sales and marketing job in the organization. Her work includes building and executing strategic marketing plans, managing the company’s world-wide sales organization and keeping the company’s marketing and sales efforts in sync.

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